Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru, the burden of being a hero

Yuuki Yuuna - Title
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru is an anime with fantasy, action, and magical girl theme. This anime was aired from October 17, 2014 to December 26, 2014 with the length of 12 total episode. The anime is the sequel of Novel Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru which was already released earlier in 2014.

My impression with this anime is mostly filled with hatred. I tried the elements of surprised by not looking for anime information at all about this anime. However, I don’t like the concept. I watched this anime because Uchiyama Yumi and Mimori Suzuko are in the main cast list but this anime failed to impress me mainly in story. While I was satisfied with the ending, Continue reading