Girls und Panzer, combining art of war with moe in one package

Girls und Panzer was aired from October 9, 2012 to March 25, 2013. The total number of episode is 14, with 12 episodes of main story and 2 recap episodes. Due to production delay, the 2 final episodes was aired in March 18 and March 25 2013. In addition, there are one OVA released in July 5, 2014. Other than that, we also got a movie released later in 2015. This post only covers my thoughts for the TV series and OVA.

GuP - Screenshot 1 GuP - Screenshot 2

The story takes place in alternate universe where Tanks used as sports competition. So, the story is not about war but about sports competition. Back then, I was reluctant to watch this anime because I mistook the story as a war story. Fortunately, it is not. It’s quite lightweight, entertaining, and inspiring. The sports where people (specifically, girls) compete with their tanks is called Sensha-dou, literally means “The Way of the Tank”. The story will follow the activities of girls in Ooarai Female High School with Nishizumi Miho as the lead character. Miho is not alone of course. There are so many characters in this anime. Continue reading