IS – Infinite Stratos 2, excellent in everything but story


Infinite Stratos 2 is the sequel of 2011 Anime TV Series Infinite Stratos. The original Infinite Stratos is excellent in everything but the story is decent. Infinite Stratos 2 improves every excellent part of the first series but makes the story worse. When I compared to other anime, Infinite Stratos 2 is totally the opposite of Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai. Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai is very good in nothing but story whereas Infinite Stratos is excellent in everything but story.

Infinite Stratos 2 was aired in October 4, 2013 to December 20, 2013 with 12 total episode. You also get one more episode in OVA titled “World Purge-hen” in November 26, 2014. This anime adds more female characters who also serve as important character in the story. New enemies also make an appearance in this anime. Of course new characters is not only the add-on here. You’ll see some newer ISs as well. Continue reading


Hanayamata, a piece of art


Hanayamata is an anime about Yosakoi, a unique style of dance originated from the city of Kochi, Japan in 1954. Yosakoi combined traditional Japanese dance movements with modern music. We can say that Yosakoi is the combination of both traditional and modern Japanese culture. And that is what Hanayamata try to introduce to us. So, the concept of the idea is quite original although the progress on the story is not something new. Aired between July 8, 2014 to September 23, 2014 makes this anime about one year old by the time I write this post. The total number of episode is 12.

There are 2 characters who become the central characters in this anime. One of them is Sekiya Naru, a 14-year-old girl in 2nd class of Middle School. She is a very average girl with no strong point at all. She is also seems to be very shy which makes her difficult to get friends. The other one is Hana N. Fountainstand, also a 14-year-old girl but she is totally different than Naru. Hana is from United States, shown by her blonde hair. Hana is very energetic and very positive. She is the one who introduces Naru to Yosakoi. Naru has 2 closest friend. They are Sasame Yaya who is on the same class with Naru and Nishimikado Tami who is Naru’s senior at school. Continue reading

Vividred Operation, brings the power of friendship to next level


Vividred Operation is anime about young girls fighting alien beings. The basic concept of the story is similar to Sky Girls and Strike Witches but Vividred Operation added the elements of Sci-fi. The story itself takes place in Japan in the future, unlike Strike Witches which takes place in the past. The character design in this anime is Kazuhiro Takamura, the one who designed in Strike Witches anime. However, the concept of Vividred Operation is not created by Shimada Fumikane, the one behind Strike Witches and Sky Girls.

Vividred Operation was aired in January 11, 2013 to March 29, 2013 with length of 12 episodes. This anime gives a fierce competition with other anime(s) aired in 2013. In my already watched list, this anime is one of the best anime from 2013 along with Love Live!, Minami-ke Tadaima, Tamako Market, Kin-iro Mosaic, Ro-Kyu-Bu SS, and (of course) Hidamari Sketch. Continue reading

Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai, an anime about art of war


Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai (also known as Thunder Jet in several other countries) is story about a man, named Ryuuga Rai in a space war era. This anime has 52 total episodes and was aired in April 8, 1994 to March 31, 1995. That means this anime ended roughly 10 years after I make this post. Actually, I watched this anime started from episode 38 to 52 back then. Why the hell, I suddenly watched this again? I was thinking about something after I bought a new Smart TV and for not so specific reason, my mind remembered this anime. And after that, I realized there was something captured my interest, the space battle. The space battle in this anime is totally different than other anime I’ve seen until now. Continue reading

Tamako Love Story, everybody loves somebody

Tamako Love Story - TitleTamako love Story is the sequel of Tamako Market and seems to be the ending of the series. The title clearly revealed the genre of the story itself, a love story. By the time I write this post, October 25, 2014, I’ve just finished watching the Bluray movie.

Tamako love story is a bit different than mainstream love stories you can usually find, especially on bishoujo games. Mainstream romance usually have a plot where the boy or girl confess, the other accept his/her love, they become a couple, sometimes having a sex, and finally happy ending! Do not expect that kind of mainstream plot here. Tamako love story won’t take you as far as that. But it focus on between the first and second part of mainstream plot. That is where the boy/girl confess his/her love and the other one accept it. However, the unique and also the beautiful part of it is where we can see from the point of view of an innocent, cheerful, and energetic high school girl which have no experience about love. That’s the beauty of this story. I won’t spill more about the story so you can enjoy it even more when you watch it by yourself. Continue reading

Tamako Market, a story about life in shopping street

Tamako Market Logo

Another awesome anime from Kyoto Animation! Tamako Market is a 12 episodes TV anime aired in January 10, 2013 to March 28, 2013. The story is quite lightweight just like most anime I usually watch. This is one a few anime that deserves the title of 「アニメの力」 or “The Power of Anime” because this awesome anime wasn’t adapted from other media.

The story of Tamako Market takes place on a shopping street called Usagiyama Shoutengai. The story itself is actually focuses on Tamako’s daily life and her interaction with her friends in school or in Usagiyama Shoutengai. There are a lot of elements that built the story and that makes this anime really amazing. Continue reading

Acchi Kocchi, a lightweight entertaining anime

Acchi Kocchi Title

Acchi Kocchi is slice of life anime. It’s very lightweight and entertaining. You don’t have to think a lot when watching this anime. Just sit and enjoy the show.
This anime has 13 episodes in total. Episode 1 to 12 were aired from April 16, 2012 to June 29, 2012. Episode 13 was included in the last volume of BD/DVD.

The anime focuses on 5 main characters. All of them are high school students on Nekoge high school.
Otonashi Io, a pure hearted and charming boy but also very dense.
Miniwa Tsumiki, a tsundere girl who have a crush with Io. Often shown with cat ears, especially when reacting to Io.
Katase Mayoi, a girl that seems to be hyperactive and always wear a lab coat.
Haruno Hime, a cute girl who seems to be very innocent. Often has a nosebleed when Io says a romantic words.
Inui Sakaki, a somehow hyperactive boy in the gang that often becomes the victim of others.

Acchi Kocchi Chara
Besides them, there are some supporting characters as well that appear in several episodes. And what makes this anime very comfortable to watch is there are no annoying characters in this show! That’s great (at least for me)! I am looking for something entertaining after all, not something annoying.

The story seems to be focusing in school life and friendship. Friendship, eh… It’s one of a few theme that I really like. But to be honest, I feel kinda bored with high school stuffs. There are too many anime with high school theme and there is no end to them. Back to Acchi Kocchi, this anime also comes with a lot of pranks and sometimes hyperbolic jokes that almost make no senses, especially from Mayoi’s. There are so many funny stuffs in this anime and most of them come from Tsumiki’s tsundere image, Hime’s reaction, and Sakaki’s or Mayoi’s pranks. In the end of the last episodes, I wish they would make something more, especially to answer Tsumiki and Io’s relationship. Somehow I feel sorry with Tsumiki because she keep holding her feeling towards Io all the time.

The artwork itself is kinda cute. The image quality is decent but it’s not bad by all means. Just lack of stand out feature, especially compared to A Channel which a background image that rivals and even bests most Visual Novels. The BGMs are nice and gives more feeling the atmosphere. Still not the best in class however, that’s also belong to A Channel. The Opening and Ending theme song is decent. While it isn’t bad, it is also not something that I would really enjoy when just listening to music. To be honest, Acchi Kocchi lacks of stand out visuals or audios, but I still categorized it as very good because the story itself is very enjoyable.

How about the seiyuu? Seiyuu plays a very important role in the show because their voice will determine the characters’ image. I got some familiar name of female seiyuu in this anime.
Tsumiki was voice by Ookubo Rumi. That’s Chinatsu’s seiyuu in Yuru Yuri and I really hate Chinatsu because she’s the most annoying character in Yuru Yuri. Ookubo’s voice gives a lot of contribution for that. But this time, she gives a lot of contribution to makes Tsumiki’s tsundere image looks very cute.
Mayoi was voice by Nabatame Hitomi. I thought Mayoi’s seiyuu was Takagaki Ayahi but I was wrong. I wouldn’t doubt Naba-nee’s acting performance due her experience as seiyuu. She isn’t a new seiyuu and proofed to be capable in handling many kind of roles.
Hime was voiced by Fukuhara Kaori and this is the most attractive voice for me. Kaorin’s voice is really cute. She was using the same tone as when she voiced Hiiragi Tsukasa in Lucky Star and Run in A Channel. This is something that I really like.
Io was voice by Okamoto Nobuhiko while Sakaki was voice by Asanuma Shintaro. Unfortunately for me, I don’t know much about male seiyuu, so I don’t have any clue about them.
You’ll also find some popular name in supporting character like Konno Hiromi who voiced Kana, a classmate of Io and Tsumiki and Iwao Junko who voiced Kikue-sensei, their clumsy teacher.

Compared to other TV anime in 2012, I’d place Acchi Kocchi on 3rd place on my lists right after Yuru Yuri♪♪ in 2nd place. The best TV anime in 2012 in my lists belongs to Natsuiro Kiseki which scores much higher than this anime although it’s not a comedy. But comparing Acchi Kocchi to Natsuiro Kiseki is like comparing something very good to something masterpiece. If I added OVA as well, A Channel +Smile ranked in 2nd place directly below Natsuiro Kiseki. That means Yuru Yuri♪♪ is in the 3rd and Acchi Kocchi is in the 4th place. While Acchi Kocchi is a very good anime, it doesn’t have stand out any features that makes it the best in something. But of course, that isn’t something easy to achieve consider there are tons of anime title coming out every years. The bottom line is, Acchi Kocchi is a very enjoyable show packed with interesting humours that will make you smile or even laugh. I couldn’t find anything that I would consider it as a weakness in this anime. Just watch, enjoy, and don’t think too much about it.

Acchi Kocchi Screenshot 01

Story 8
Artwork 7
Visual 7
Sounds & Music 7
Characters 8
Voice Acting 8
Overall 8
Rated as Very Good


By Sylirian B Posted in Anime

My thoughts about Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari



Judging how the audience react, this is the best anime movie in 2013 with no doubt. But that’s not according to me. I’ve watched several anime aired in 2013, and my feelings said this is the worst anime in 2013. The TV series of Madoka Magica aired in 2011 was already terrible in terms of storyline for me. And it turns out that this movie is not much better. Another complicated story where more than 70% part I don’t understand. And the ending doesn’t satisfy me enough. I don’t even have the chance to understand it. Oh… maybe I am not otaku enough to handle this kind of Movie? At least this movie (and the series) didn’t end up in the lowest of the low on my anime chart. That still belongs to ICE, the worst anime ever…

But hey, I didn’t say this movie is totally terrible. In fact, I like every aspect in this movie (besides the storyline which I hardly understand). This movie was designed professionally with no doubt. I can feel everything looks very good and excellent (again, except the storyline). The BGM is very good, if not, better than that. The image quality is excellent. The detail of the background is very crisp, looks like a photo taken with professional camera with Super 35 Sensor and tuned with some professional post processing (it sounds silly, I know). You often find artistic and confusing background as well most of the time. That just how Madoka Magica is. Another strong point is the character design. I always like Aoki Ume’s art! Thanks to Hidamari Sketch, of course.

In the end of this anime, what are the conclusions? I don’t know… Human’s emotion is too complicated. And this movie is just as complicated, if not, more than human’s emotion. So, was this a bad movie? Definitely not! But if the question was, was the storyline good? My answer would be the same, definitely not! It was too complicated. I couldn’t say the story was bad. I just didn’t understand it. How do I rate this movie? Look down below. I am sure Madoka Magica fans will hate how I rate their favourite anime, especially the story. But hey, I still try to be more subjective in the other part at least! I have my own favourite anime as well. For magical girl, I still prefer Nanoha over Madoka. But magical girl isn’t my favourite theme or genre in anime. Why the hell I spent waste my time watching this kind of anime then? The answer is because I already watched the TV series and the ending didn’t satisfy me. I was hoping the movie can correct it, but I was wrong…






Story 4
Artwork 9
Visual 9
Sounds & Music 8
Characters 8
Voice Acting 8
Overall 6
Rated as Decent


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd - 04

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha was based on Triangle Heart Series, especially Triangle Heart 3 ~Sweet Songs Forever~. However, when it comes to anime (TV Series), the concept of the story was totally different than the original concept. The Movies are based on the TV Series with slight improvement. I think a lot of people like the anime. I don’t really it was because they like Triangle Heart or totally new Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha universe. Me and a friend whom introduced me to the anime did not know the original concept. Just found the first episode of the TV Series interesting and than watch the rest episodes. However, when I finally know about Triangle Heart, I try to dig the original concept of the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha universe by playing Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha PC Game which is part of Triangle Heart 3 Lyrical Omocha Hako released in 2001. Later I also played Triangle Heart 3 ~Sweet Songs Forever~. And seriously, both are fantastic! Have a very deep story and impression and makes disappointed with the All 3 Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha TV Series. But how about the Movie? Well, I am here to talk about the 2nd movie and not the TV Series or the game. Let’s get to the topic.

The story takes place 6 months after the first movie. Pretty much the same with A’s TV Series. The characters are also the same with some role disappeared. But no big deal. It’s actually makes the story more focus and clear for me. Yagami Hayate becomes the Master of The Book of Darkness. The enemies are Wolkenritter, the guardian knights of The Book of Darkness. And the final boss is Nachtwal, the automatic defense system of The Book of Darkness. Those who already watched A’s TV Series will simply know the story. I wouldn’t talk much about the detail. But the story in the movie is overhauled and I like the story in this Movie more than the story in A’s TV Series. The impression is much deeper in this Movie.

The Graphic Quality is one of the best you can get in 2012 anime. I personally found the computer graphic quite awesome! The duel scene is pretty much improved! The duel scene in this anime is really awesome! The magics, effects, environments, etcetera, etcetera are very well designed! Oh yeah, the design of the devices are also new.

Musics and Sounds are amazing. The Original Soundtracks are very nice and pretty much match the situations. The ending theme is BRIGHT STREAM by Mizuki Nana. There are also 3 insert songs, Snow Rain ~Ver. Holy Night~ by Ueda Kana, Sacred Force by Mizuki Nana, and Hohoemi no Puruumaju by Tamura Yukari. The insert songs are very well positioned and really boost the impression of the scene.

Compared to the original A’s TV Series, the movie is a step forward in story, 3 steps forward in graphics, and a step forward in sounds and musics. I personally found this movie exciting and enjoy it. There are several non sense though but I think I’ll just let it go.. Just let the creators play with their imagination. Most story in anime and manga are very far from reality. And most of the makes no sense at all. This Movie is no exception but it’s still very enjoyable.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd - 01

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd - 02

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd - 03

Story 8
Artwork 8
Visual 10
Sounds & Music 9
Characters 8
Voice Acting 8
Overall 9
Rated as Excellent

Star Trek Video Game Review

Star Trek Cover

Star Trek The Video Game is a Third Person Action/Shooter game released in April 23, 2013. It wasn’t based on Star Trek 2009 or the uncoming Star Trek Into Darkness video, but it has its own story where the Starship Enterprise Crew face a lizard-like creature called Gorn. The Gorn itself is not new since it was already its appearance in Star Trek The Original Series back then 1960’s. However, the design of the Gorn is brand new and looks much more like a monster. I still don’t have any official information whether the story of this games takes place after Star Trek Into Darkness or before Star Trek Into Darkness. But from my own perspective, the story of this game takes place before Star Trek Into Darkness.

In this game, you can choose to play the game as Captain Kirk or Mr Spock. The quality of the story is just almost good but really lack of punch. It took me 8 hours to finish the story and the climax is really not impressive. Does not feel like a climax at all. The action is fine and you can play in cooperation with one of your friend but I really miss the battle using Starship Enterprise because there’s only one chapter where you fight the enemy Spaceship using Starship Enterprise. The game also lack of hint which sometimes confused me about what to do next.

The Graphic Quality is fine. Not ground breaking or jaw dropping but not disappointing either. Just simply fine. It does not require extreme hardwares. In fact, my Core i5-3570K running at 1.6GHz and Radeon HD 6990 running at 250 MHz can’t handle this game without any lag. I got 12 GB of RAM but I think any PC with 4 GB of RAM should be able to handle this game. The character are based on the actors/actresses who played on Star Trek 2009 Film.

The sounds and musics are very good. All voice actors/actresses of the Starship Enterprise Crews also from Star Trek 2009 Film. The musics also serves right for the situations or events.

From a fan of Star Trek point of view, I think this game is kinda disappointing. How they design the interior of Starship Enterprise is awesome but it lacks of Starships battle events and focus too much on action and exploring. The story lack of climax which is also a minus point.

One more thing, you can watch the new video of William Shatner vs Gorn playing Star Trek The Video Game in

Enterprise vs Gorn Ship


Story and Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Sounds and Musics 8
Overall Score