Busou Shinki Moon Angel, a young boy’s dream to become a Shinki Master

Busou Shinki Moon Angel is an ONA (Original Net Animation) published from September 7, 2011 to January 26, 2012. The anime consists of 10 episodes and each episode is less than 5 minutes. The story is not directly related to Busou Shinki TV Anime aired in 2012. In fact, the only relation between the two is the Shinki. I see no other relation than that.

Moon_Angel_Screenshot_02 Moon_Angel_Screenshot_03

The story of Busou Shinki Moon Angel is not as peaceful as Busou Shinki TV Anime. It is filled with more complex conflict but not too deep. Due to the short episode, I feel the story progress is too rushed and the development is too fast. However, while the quality of the story itself is decent, it is still enjoyable and the ending is satisfying at least. So what is the story about? Busou Shinki TV Anime is about the daily life of Shinki, but Busou Shinki Moon Angel can be more interesting. It’s a story about a young boy, named Tsubasa who found a damaged shinki. The Shinki herself is an Angel-Type Arnval Mk.2. Tsubasa repaired the shinki and named her Kaguya. But appearantly, there Kaguya holds a secret that she didn’t realize due to her memory being fragmented after the battle before she met Tsubasa.


The character design is different than in the one in TV Anime and I think I like the TV Anime version more. The character design in Busou Shinki Moon Angel is not bad but very decent. The way they draw the background in Moon Angel is slightly better than the one in TV Anime and overall the animation looks noticeably better than the TV Anime. On the combat scene, the animation is significantly better than the combat scene on the TV Anime. I think it’s quite good but not visual stunning especially when compared to anime with similar theme like Strike Witches or Vividred Operation.

The audio side is also decent and the sound effect is decent as well. The theme song is different. I don’t like the theme song so it’s no good according to me. However, the insert song sung by Asumi Kana is quite nice.

There 2 main characters and 2 secondary character in this anime.
Main Characters
Tsubasa, voiced by Inoue Marina. Voice Acting Score : 9
A young boy who found a shinki without knowing the truth behind the shinki. Tsubasa is quite a smart boy. He even managed to repaired the shinki by himself.

Type 01 / Kaguya
, voiced by Asumi Kana. Voice Acting Score : 8
Angel-type Arnval Mk.2 Shinki found by Tsubasa. She has no memory when Tsubasa found her, probably due to the damaged after her previous battle. She hides a secret that she herself didn’t realized. Tsubasa named her Kaguya based on the Moon Princess which also expectedly explain the title of Moon Angel.

Type 02
, voiced by Chihara Minori. Voice Acting Score : 8
Devil-type Strarf Mk.2 Shinki. She is the partner of Type 01 and also the one ordered to capture Type 01 because Type 01 refused to follow the order from their master.

, voiced by Sugita Tomokazu. Voice Acting Score : 8
An owner of Shinki shop. He realized that Kaguya isn’t a normal shinki. Later, he helped Tsubasa to retrive Kaguya/Type 01 back.

Due to short length of the story, I didn’t have much impression with the voice actresses/actor. However, I can feel that the casts of main and secondary characters are doing very good with Inoue Marina being the most impressive one. Asumi’s voice is better when she voiced Ann in TV Anime due to Ann’s personality. However, Minorin actually sounds better as Type 02 compared to when she voiced Hina in TV Anime.

Final Thoughts
Busou Shinki Moon Angel is a short story. Therefore I can’t write too much about it. The animation is good. Backed with quality voice acting as well. Other than that, everything feels decent but not disappointing. Overall, It’s still a good anime but lacks of strong point. If you already watched the TV Anime and enjoy it, you might enjoy this one as well.


Story 7
Character Design 6
Visual & Animation 8
SE & BGM 7
Theme Songs 5
Characters 7
Voice Acting 8
Overall 7
Rated as Good

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