Tamako Love Story, everybody loves somebody

Tamako Love Story - TitleTamako love Story is the sequel of Tamako Market and seems to be the ending of the series. The title clearly revealed the genre of the story itself, a love story. By the time I write this post, October 25, 2014, I’ve just finished watching the Bluray movie.

Tamako love story is a bit different than mainstream love stories you can usually find, especially on bishoujo games. Mainstream romance usually have a plot where the boy or girl confess, the other accept his/her love, they become a couple, sometimes having a sex, and finally happy ending! Do not expect that kind of mainstream plot here. Tamako love story won’t take you as far as that. But it focus on between the first and second part of mainstream plot. That is where the boy/girl confess his/her love and the other one accept it. However, the unique and also the beautiful part of it is where we can see from the point of view of an innocent, cheerful, and energetic high school girl which have no experience about love. That’s the beauty of this story. I won’t spill more about the story so you can enjoy it even more when you watch it by yourself. Continue reading